What if a pregnancy test just said:

fuckingcas AGGRESSIVELY QUESTIONED: jusr share 5 facts and send it to your 10 favorite followers
  1. mahima luvs me
  2. my dad’s going through menopause
  3. i had pasta last night
  4. i just met the smartest 8 yr old ever and i want to hug him 5evr
  5. diiiiiiiiillllllldooooooosssss


nash grier in a few months


i feel really awful for neglecting this blog but idc anymore sorry???


please keep your long-haired harry hate away from me. this is a pro-long-haired harry environment, respect that

lioubabm: a wild ponytail in Paris Thx @harrystyles #wwat #1d#harrystyles